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Posted by Youth?? on 2011-03-09 08:10:31, Wednesday
In reply to You won't get straight talk on the subject here. posted by Ourslar on 2011-03-07 22:48:26, Monday

Okay, The first major flaw in this post is:
"A proper male identity only comes about when a boy leaves his mother's body, leaves his mother's side, and intereracts with the men."

Define proper.
Not gay?
Liking sports/other athletic activities?
Buff, hairy?

What IS a proper male identity?
It's not being strait. You could take a minor college class on Greek History and know that gay, hairless, non sport liking men have been around for a long time. Not to mention lived perfectly good lives.

You may think you 'deal' with your problems, the only way to 'deal' with ANYTHING in our lives is to get direction from an outside party (psychotherapist, ect) in which we are moved into a DIRECTION to make good choices.

What your dream solution basically states is that you where abused, and then you magically made the decision to have it not bother you anymore.
You said the words "started developing self-confidence in my own life."
First of all that why most of us are here. On this forum.
For the record, we're not all crazy child rapists who are bent on showing the world the same pain it showed us - that's stupid to even assume that. We're here to understand WHO we are and WHY we want this or need that.
Dealing with our problems isn't waking up one day and saying "I will not be gay (or BL)" That's not realistic. Some people are truly attracted to them and come here asking questions or simply being in a community where they are understood. We are NOT here to plot a government overthrow and molest all the children in the goddamn world.

We are adults, which means dealing with our 'childhood issues' means we're dealing with our 'adult issues' because in the end, we become adults. The fact that most of us aren't prison (I'd say all but I don't actually know that for a fact). We've decided to talk this through because we don't WISH our life of confusion, and discrimination upon anyone else, not minding the mental and emotional damage it CAN, but does not ALWAYS cause. You have your story and we have ours. You say one thing, the rest of us says another. It's all open for discussion, and trolling up in here off a whim doesn't make your opinion final.

If you read around, I wasn't abused until after I had been sexing up other boys my age for YEARS. What do you call that? Cursed from the womb? Why does a six year old boy want to kiss another six year old boy? I grew up in a good home, my parents where there. They are there from the start, the only way we can deal with them is to make actual choices to guide our lives. What your attracted to is NOT a choice. Never, ever, ever - forget that.

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