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You won't get straight talk on the subject here.

Posted by Ourslar on 2011-03-07 22:48:26, Monday
In reply to How can being abused as a child lead to Pedophilia posted by Curious on 2011-03-03 07:30:23, Thursday

Most of the people here at CBLF have decided not to work on their childhood issues, which continue to re-emerge in their adult lives as pedophilic interests. And they're OK with that. Boys remind them of their issues which they haven't dealt with, so that keep getting dragged back again and again into them...only now worked out by using other boys as puppets/dolls, in an attempt to avoid the pain. Of course, trying to ditch one's own pain by making other people enact your favorite scenes as puppet only leads to a propagation of the cycle of abuse.

A proper male identity only comes about when a boy leaves his mother's body, leaves his mother's side, and intereracts with the men.

For me that didn't happen because:
a) My mother was very attractive & engaging and needy and narcissistic.
b) My father was very clumsy in drawing me away.
c) My older brother hated me.
d) My first experience with another male as role model ended in abuse.

It's only AFTER dealing with all of the above issues that I was able to get back on track with making useful male ROLE-MODEL (i.e., NOT sexual) relationships with other men, and started developing self-confidence in my own life.

One doesn't come here for answers; one comes here to watch the play of equivocation, denial, avoidance, and projection. Goole Edited

No linking to porn or telling people how to get it --Webmaster

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