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Re: my two cents

Posted by olderandwiser on 2011-03-05 01:43:10, Saturday
In reply to my two cents posted by Youth?? on 2011-03-04 07:35:28, Friday

I thought i would offer my exp. as an example. wheni was five i discovered that rubbing against the sofagave me a tingle that felt good. this led to me play- ing with myself. no thought of boys or girls. just the sensation. at seven a six y.o. boy moved near me. he was precocious as he could be. he got me to smoke the first time. then in his room he pulled his pants down to show his little sister. i also pulled my pants down. he had an erection. so did i. i remember staring at his penis. i didnt know why but i was fascinated. his sistter did not interest me at all when he made her undress. too bad she told on us. the boy blamed me! his dad gave me a stern lecture. my parents were not pleased. i was not allowed to be with him again. too bad. after that when i rubbed myself i thought abou t that boys penis. at ten a slightly older boy made mesuck him. i started doing it it daily. loving it..i was his slave. i mov

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