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my two cents

Posted by Youth?? on 2011-03-04 07:35:28, Friday
In reply to How can being abused as a child lead to Pedophilia posted by Curious on 2011-03-03 07:30:23, Thursday

Recently I've been doing research on the sexual motivations of people. I've just begun my studies to I am in NO WAY claiming this to be 100% (all though the information I speak of is factual) it's also a GENERAL principal and in it's nature - does not apply to everyone.

Anyway - first in foremost - It is a fact that men are biologically attracted to younger people. Look at it from a historical/sociological point of view - men want younger - more fertile people (women for historical) to obviously multiply and spread their seed around. Women biologically (and again, historically/sociologically) want older men with stability/money someone who's already made a name for himself. It could be there is no such thinks as Pedophilia. Imagine just being universally gay. Of course this is the biggest flaw on the idea, some people are not attracted to men, only boys. Some people are even married, have wonderful sex with their wife and still think about boys.

But the way people have behaved in the past could mean something to where we are now. I am personally universally gay, if it's male and 12 or older i might be sexually attracted to it. Anyway, the point being; there is SUBSTANTIAL research behind sexual orientation being set before birth (genetic) but in the case of being molested or something - I'm not really sure. I was molested a long time after I had started exploring sex with other boys, and hence it didn't have an affect on me. What I think your looking for is why do people become dysfunctional? The answer is quite simple; it's a dysfunction. When your biological orientation is to be strait, and you start acting gay - what DOES that mean? You could be showing dysfunctional behavior from a past trauma, or there may be enviromental causes that science cannot prove. If we could prove at WHAT age kids 'know' what's going on and what it all means, things would be different, but we don't hence why it is a crime. In the end though, there are also kids seeking adults for affection even of the sexual nature; some kids know about their feelings VERY early on. I knew since I was probably 6.

Looking back up to the paragraphs it seems I added more trouble to the pot then I did answering. A few ideas never killed anybody.


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