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A boy in my life...kind of.

Posted by Chris on 2011-02-02 00:28:47, Wednesday

I have written about these two boys who play music on our worship team at church before. One is a 15 year old and the other is his younger brother who is 11 years old. They are both great kids and I really dig them both, in fact I was personally instrumental (please excuse the pun) in getting them into our team. More than a year ago I had asked the 15 year old if he would like to play guitar for us, now he plays bass guitar as well as guitar, and to my utter joy his younger brother joined him also playing bass and keyboards. You should see that 11 year old play that full size bass guitar and hear how well he can jam on is just amazing.

While I like both of these boys, the 11 year old has just caught my heart so much and lately he has become increasingly interested in me. This last Sunday they both played with us, the 11 yo on bass and the 15 yo on guitar. it was absolute fun. But what really got me was that when we got together for prayer right before the service, the 11 yo came right over to me to stand right next to me. Then after the service they both came over to ask me questions about playing and equipment and stuff. Of course I was thrilled to show them some stuff on guitar but then the younger boy started to show me his new i-pad music and gaming device he must have got for Christmas. It was so so cool. We shared a few laughs when I started cracking jokes and he let me look at the i-pad. So now I am just going nuts over him in my mind and my heart. I have had several dreams about him and it is always the same thing, he winds up giving me these nice, big hugs and we are just super close friends. Just like my friendship with my YF "L" was years ago.

I have no idea how far my relationship with this boy is going to go but so far things are happening that I never dreamed could happen. Of course not bad things but good and wonderful friendship things. I just love it. Music is so good to me.


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