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Re: Kids better than me at music

Posted by Chris on 2011-02-08 23:53:37, Tuesday
In reply to Kids better than me at music posted by Hikaru on 2011-02-07 08:29:25, Monday

I don't know, maybe it just seems like they are learning at a younger age...or getting really, really good at a younger age...because of YouTube. I have never seen so many excellent young musicians in my life before I started to get into You Tube. So maybe they have always been out there but now we are able to see them all because of that. I know that a guitar playing buddy of mine and myself have had quite a few conversations about how there is so much material for learning an instrument now online. When I was a kid the only thing you could do was buy books and take lessons. Both of those things are good but there is so much more out there now to help a person to learn. Now you can plug your guitar into a guitar port that plugs into your computer and use it for all kinds of excellent online lessons or even to jam along with any kind of song you can think of. I know I have used that stuff to learn different things on guitar and have been amazed at how quickly and easily I have picked stuff up. I have learned harmonica almost exclusively with online material.


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