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Re: Musicology q for Chris

Posted by Robert-I on 2011-01-28 14:45:04, Friday
In reply to Re: Musicology q for Chris posted by qwerty on 2011-01-27 22:54:03, Thursday

I looked it up on one of those tabs sites.

Bsus2 (major to my ear) D#m (minor) Bsus2 (major) C#sus2 (major) D# (major) and repeat.

The effect I'm talking about comes from interposing that one D#m in the string of major chords that also includes D# major. Maybe I don't have the language right, but anyways, the song could be seen as an emotionally wrought up dad, agonizing through his suspendeds and augmentations, with the thought of his little lost minor always coming back into his mind.

This may sound farfetched but I know someone who writes music in 'isomorphisms' like that, as he calls them. The music tells the same story as the lyrics.

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