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Re: Ok....a little more...

Posted by Chris on 2011-01-28 22:02:02, Friday
In reply to Re: I love it! posted by Chris on 2011-01-28 21:48:55, Friday

Ok, I just had to watch that video one more time. It is obvious to me that the little boy is the son (or MAYBE a very close nephew...or perhaps YF...) of the singer. Just the way he hugs and holds the boy and the way the boy is around him. Also, as I was watching it I suddenly remembered how my YF, "L" used to just hate it when I would take him back home after he would spend the weekend with me. We would be in the car driving back to his mom's house and he would say to me, "This is the part I hate the most". I would have to tell him that it would only be another short week and we would be able to get together again for another weekend. And of course I would have to come see him during the week as well. But he so loved those weekends with me. Of course I loved them too.

Isn't it something what one little video can do to a person? I think I will check out more of this band's music.


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