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why cant i find a boy i like?

Posted by marc on 2010-12-13 07:22:11, Monday

been a long time since i've really connected with a boy. really wish i could find a boy that really needed me and fill up my life again. most of the time im ok but there are some days i get really lonely and realise that life is flying by and im doing absolutely nothing meaningful. for example i just read something that was from september and it seemed like i read it just yesterday. that was over 3 months ago! is my life so empty that something from that far back can seem like from yesterday? insanity! i'll old and decrepid in no time.

i have met MANY boys both in RL and online yet i dont really connect with any of them. life is getting so pointless. ive been stuck in this rut for so long least the last time this happened it was because i was too scared to be with any kids thinking people would figure out im a pedo. i know there are boys out there that would fit with my personality really well and we'd have an amazing relationship for years but where the f are you?

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