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Re: What does God intend...?

Posted by gaakz on 2010-12-09 07:12:12, Thursday
In reply to What does God intend for Christian child-lovers? posted by ChickChick on 2010-12-03 16:40:56, Friday

i'd be glad to lose the sexual attraction in heaven. i just don't think it's necessary to love someone with all your heart, is it?

and on the question of identity, i've been struggling with the recent knowledge that i have Asperger's. my pastor wants to pray for me (he has the gift of healing...and i've seen it it action!), my parents think i should ask God for it, that it should be 'corrected', but i also have the feeling that i'd lose who i am if i became 'normal'. i've been thinking hard and long about this: is who i am, who He WANTS me to be? probably not. but which things that are part of my personality can i keep and still please him? on the other hand, if he made me all new (let's say there was a radical transformation and i was made 1. straight 2.neurotypical 3.not sexually attracted to boys), would i miss my old self? i'd probably be happier on some levels (but have heterosexual problems ;) ), but a totally different person. i don't know if i like that throw away all those years of hard work accumulating neuroses, sexual identities, etc.

anyone have an idea?????

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