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Posted by Kristofor on 2010-12-03 23:24:28, Friday
In reply to What does God intend for Christian child-lovers? posted by ChickChick on 2010-12-03 16:40:56, Friday

There is nothing wrong with being attracted to boys - it is just inconvenient in some circumstances. The thing you really need to watch out for is establishing a fixed 'identity' for yourself, a philosophical reduction concept (de)limiting your true broader self.

It's a subtle point, because I am NOT arguing the cliche 'keep yourself open to other possible attractions.' You may only ever be attracted to boys and that's fine, spiritually speaking. But an identity is an idol, and if you cast one that's too confining, you may someday suffer depression thinking 'what I am just doesn't work.' The cure for that is, with prayer and sacrifice and the help of the holy spirit, to be able to go beyond your identity to attain the full reach of your being.

If this doesn't make sense now, it may later. I am very grateful to have gotten rid of some of my old identities.

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