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Re: My Reply.

Posted by newgeorge on 2010-10-29 01:09:24, Friday
In reply to My Reply. posted by Chris on 2010-10-27 00:14:21, Wednesday

I'm sorry you didnt get a reply to this quite extended post Chris. I did read through the threads below and really wanted to sit on the fence on this one. I know how difficult it can be when you get a pile of negative replies: it feels too much like 'ganging up' and one feels pushed into a corner. It's one of things that has made me really wary of posting anything vaguely controversial here. One can feel horribly vulnerable . . . .
I thought Eldad's post made a good theological point but it also played right into the hands of those who hate us.
If we are all sinners capable of doing terrible things to small children then of course it is right for society to take a blanket view and treat anyone whom they suspect of being bl with suspicion and hostility, 'just in case.' I dont for a minute think that that was what Eldad was suggesting but that's clearly the view taken by society as a whole - both Christian and otherwise - and Eldad's point does nothing to discourage it.
By your word 'creeps' you were drawing a line in the sand.
Being BL does not make us a danger to children. It takes something more than that although that 'something' is not clearly definable and that, of course is the Problem. For us to be accepted by society would mean that we would have to prove which side of that line in the sand we stood and that is clearly impossible.
Society is seriously damaged and undermined by its own lack of trust in its citizens and, although everyone unknowingly pays for this one way or another, we are perhaps the ones who pay the most.

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