The CBF Gathering

The Christian Boylove Forum holds an annual Gathering to bring together CBFers and their trusted friends. The goals of these encounters are to promote understanding, reflection, and interaction between Christian boylovers and nonboylovers in a non-threatening environment; to discuss theological implications of boylove and how the church can view boylove and relate to boylovers; and to meet for mutual support and encouragement.

Each year we have a time of singing, worship and communion. We will report back and share with the CBF community what we have learned together.

These CBF Gatherings started off as the Christian Consultation on Boylove, which began as a group of people who wanted to promote the concerns of boylovers within the larger church. Nonboylover Christians were sought out and approached to enter into dialogue. The 1999 and 2000 statements linked below reflect that focus. In the fall of 2001, it was decided to open the Consultation to Girl Lovers and others who may not feel comfortable at CBF. At this time, the site for the Christian Consultation on Adult Attraction to Minors was opened. The statement for 2001 was placed there, as well as the previous statements, which were reworded in a manner so as to be inclusive of the newly-sought after participants. These consultations will continue to be held annually, but with a particular focus to building bridges with church groups, and exploring the place of minor attracted adults within church structures. The CBF gatherings will be focused primarily towards boylovers, and while other close friends will continue to be invited, it will be more a time of fellowship and praise.

A Statement from the Christian Consultation on Boylove 1999: Beginning a Dialog Between Christian Boylovers and Non-boylovers

A Statement from the Christian Consultation on Boylove 2000: Finding a Supportive Community

A Report from the 2002 CBF Gathering Paraklesis Summer 2002

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