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Sites designated BL are maintained by boylovers; sites designated nonBL are maintained by nonboylovers.

CBF Links

CBF History (a short history of the beginnings of the Christian Boylove Forum) [BL]

CBF Gathering (a guide to the CBF "Annual" Real-Life Gathering) [BL]

Other Christian BL Resources

Church of Jesus Among the Teachers (A Christian BL forum with a focus on being an online church)

Support Forums

Lifeline (suicide prevention resource for BLs) [BL]

BoyLinks: Message Boards Related to Boylove [BL]

Spiritual Abuse Recovery Resources (support forum for Christians who were spiritually abused) [nonBL]

General Information

Bridges Across the Divide (gay and ex-gay resources) [nonBL]

Daring Dialogue (pedophile/non-pedophile dialogue) [nonBL]

Unconditional Love (religious resources for adults attracted to minors) [nonBL]

Whosoever (online magazine for gay Christians) [nonBL]


Christian Classics (online theological library) [nonBL]

Cross Daily (Christian search engine) [non BL]

Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance (descriptions of world faiths) [nonBL]

The Unbound Bible [non BL]

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