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Devotional #69 Betrayal

Posted by Eldad on 2010-03-27 01:00:05, Saturday

One of the things that as BLs we fear most is betrayal - betrayal of our secret to others when we do dare to come out to someone, betrayal of love by our YF either deliberately or because our love for him is so much stronger than his affection for us, betrayal ultimately by God who proves not to be with us when the waters get rough. It's therefore worth considering that Jesus has been through these experiences. Judas betrayed the trust which Jesus put in him by rushing off to the high priests with the fact that he would be in the garden that enabled Him to be arrested. All the disciples ran off when the challenge came, brought into sharp focus by the story of Peter. And finally apparent betrayal by God, when Jesus cries out on the cross 'Why have you forsaken me?'. And yet ultimately God is faithful - and the resurrection shows that the separation is only for a time, and reminds us that one day God will call us to our everlasting home.

Dear Lord - thank you that you know what it is to be betrayed and left abandoned. Grant us the wisdom to cling to the truth that there is hope for us despite the pain and hurt of our present circumstances - knowing that you DO understand what we are going through and what we fear. Amen

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