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Devotional #51

Posted by Cat on 2009-11-02 13:46:13, Monday

"And whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him." Colossians 3:17.

Do all in the name of the Lord Jesus. What does this mean? When you do an action in the name of some higher power... it usually means you do it as their representative. We are ambassadors of God's kingdom. And as we do and speak, our words and actions should inspire a great giving of thanks aimed in the Father's direction (both in ourselves and in others). This thanks comes "through" Jesus, because He is the one (because of His sacrifice and ongoing intercession) that gives us our access into and position in the kingdom of God.

So... as Christian boylovers... how does this apply to us. How do we love boys as ambassadors of Jesus?

A lot gets said on this forum about appropriate contact with kids and I hardly need to repeat it here. We also discuss what goes on in our hearts and minds. But this verse is not talking about the things we desire, but the things we SAY and DO. We may never seek to engage sexually with a child and yet have a daily thought life that is very focused on child sex. We are not defined by our desires but by what we do.

But today I want to consider the SAYING aspect for a moment. Since we are involved in boylover community, what constitutes appropriate talking amongst ourselves? We all have our boy moments and we all have our own desires and strategies to manage them. When we come together especially in our off board moments what do we SAY to one another? Does it fit with being an ambassador of the Kingdom of God? How do we find a godly way to be honest about our issues, seek support and comfort in our struggles and getting sound advice and counsel.
We don’t want to sweep things under the carpet in a cosmetic attempt to “appear” clean.... in such an environment everyone smiles and says they are doing fine and behind closed doors chaos reigns unchecked. We also don’t want to verbally indulge every vice. We don’t want to be so open as to be indiscrete where self-control and discretion are required.

Father, I pray your guidance and counsel on these issues, because I’m asking questions I don’t have answers to. I want to be a faithful ambassador for your Kingdom. I want to be able to do and say all in the name of the Lord Jesus with thanksgiving. I want to live a life that gives me no reason to be ashamed. Please help me in my fellowship with my boylover brothers to know how to speak in a godly and edifying manner while at the same time being fiercely honest with the realities of our situations and desires.

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