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REPOST: Life goes on

Posted by Chris on 2006-12-16 13:48:20, Saturday

So they thought they would try and destroy us, huh? Well, I believe that God won't let it happen. I believe He is for one will ever be able to stand against us.

I would like to thank the admin people who are hard at work trying to bring CBLF back online. I want you to know that I am praying for you.

I suppose that since this IS the prayer room, this should be some sort of prayer, so....

I pray for those who, in thier short-sightedness, often try to do us harm. Please forgive them Father because they really don't know what they are doing. May they come to know you and your loving, carring, heart. I pray also that you help us to overcome whatever adversity we must endure because of who and what we are. Please help all of those who needed to come to CBLF because they have a problem today and needed advice and support. May your hand of help be upon us all, Lord. We love you with all our hearts!
In Jesus' Name.....Amen!

With Love,

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