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A prayer.... for lost loved ones.

Posted by Cat on 2006-08-07 12:05:44, Monday

I tried to post this in the prayer room... but my nic is not registered there. (Mods, if you read this could you please fix that for me - ta).


I just want to talk to you about people in my past that I have loved very dearly and whom time and circumstance have separated me from.

I commit them first and formost into your gracious hands. I thank you for the time I had with them that was so precious to me. And I thank you that they are still dear in my heart.

I ask for myself and for all who may be seeking those whom they love but not longer see, if it be Your will, that we may be reunited, that the bonds of our fellowship restored and that old hurts and past mistakes may find gracious forgiveness and reconciliation.

As much as it depends upon us Father, give us wisdom of whom to look for and whom to let go.

If we begin a search Father, provide for us the resourses and guidance, the wisdom and the courage to reach out. Open doors for us My God that we may be blessed in this endeavour. If we have lost hope... restore hope. If we hesitate in fear, grant us boldness and confidence in You.

Father, You tell us in Acts 17 that you set our boundaries in order that we may seek you. Thus I seek you. As the One who knows the whereabouts of every creature on this earth and Whom decides if we will see our loves again. I ask You to grant this request for myself and all my brothers who share this prayer.

In Jesus name.

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