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the only sin is dishonesty

Posted by tabs on 2018-05-14 00:49:31, Monday
In reply to Sins posted by Wolt on 2018-05-08 21:59:57, Tuesday

If you actually communicate with the Lord like I do, you'd know, the only sin is dishonesty. meaning dishonest with the self. when you are honest with the physical geometries of your own human bodymind one of the first things you'll do recognize that honoring womanhood is synonymous with honesty.
failure to appreciate the vagina is the sin. you can be gay just so long as you understand the truth of the human lifecycle, losing sight of that is disrespectful to your species and your God.

Also, if you communicate with Jesus you will hear him say, that you are married to every person you have sex with, in Gods eyes.

False churches will try to say that sexuality is bad or wrong, like the catholics say masturbation is sinful. It's all lies, and any real true church will talk about love and marriage and sex almost exclusively.
The idea that an unmarried man is more special or pure than a sexually active husband or father figure, is the cause of most child abuse and terrorism on earth.

Jesus said adultery is the worst sin, that means casual sex, disregard for monogamy. when a human being is honest they all want monogamy and procreation. when an organism fails to reproduce it puts and end to millions of years of evolution. or hundreds of ancestors blood lineage.

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