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Posted by jd420 on 2018-05-07 22:58:20, Monday
In reply to Defining fornication posted by Eldad on 2017-10-08 15:27:08, Sunday

Because it is looked at for the homosexual reference, we tend to forget the rest of the passage.

There is no homosexual reference.

The greek is arsenokotai. Arsenos means "strength," while andros means man.

Most people consider "bedding others through brute strength" to be rape, not homosexuality - especially since no sex or gender is mentioned. Others have enough hatred of God to... lie.

I wonder which camp you are in?

In this context it becomes inconceivable to endorse man-boy sexual activity as a Christian option.

I dunno, Jesus talked a bit about folks laying heavy burdens on others and not themselves, and certainly didn't have much of a problem when the average Roman centurion begged for intercession on account of a young boy.

Heck, he was also pretty down with adultery, prostitution, race-mixing, and other things.

So there is no serious basis for claiming Christianity as endorsing what we so earnestly desire – but can't have...

Those who hold the favor of the world will never see heaven; they have their reward in full.

This includes, likely, those that toady up in hopes of a seat of favor at banquets for their - forbidden, as noted - work in reinforcing the favor of the world.

Both the Jewish and, currently, Catholic faiths don't believe in hell, so maybe there's a chance - but if there's a heaven, we might not be seeing you there. You have chosen to follow the world's favors.

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