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Tabitha Church - Easter Sermon

Posted by GirlWhisperer on 2018-04-02 15:09:29, Monday

you know the year is 2018 a.d. and it's because once there lived a guy who was unlike any other guy before, he had magical powers and healed people. he was the first religious leader to include women, and all the women loved him and girls followed him. he taught that boys are supposed to obey girls, like sav and your dad should serve you and your mom. but he was soo amazing that they actually restarted time around his birthday, i mean they started the calendar over, in order to show the exact time when this magic man changed the world. it was 2018 years ago.
he said that the only sin was dishonesty, when you are dishonest with yourself and part from the truth you are allowing lies and sins into your life which leave you incomplete and unwhole. Jesus basically made people whole again. there was a woman named mary magdalene who was a prostitute and a liar and a thief and she did drugs and hated life. but jesus took her and he reminded her of the little innocent girl that was her before the lies of men made her bad, and she remembered when she was a pure little girl and stopped being bad and followed jesus. and jesus put her above all men.

after awhile the roman ceasar found out that jesus was special and doing magic and saying he came from God, and it scared them so they took him, and started to beat him, and they decided to kill him, but he wouldn't die. because of his magic they couldn't kill him. and they put him on the cross and drove a spear thru his side.
all of his followers that were men, they were scared and went to hide while jesus was being killed, but the girls did not worry about being seen with him so they went to the cross while he was dying. on good friday. and after they took him down and put him in a cave to be buried later. the next day mary went to the cave because she was still sad about losing her best friend and when she rolled away the stone and looked in the cave there was nothing there but some bloody linen shroud they wrapped jesus in, and she ran to the others saying, he is gone from the tomb.
and then on easter, she was walking in the morning and a man came to her, at first she didn't recognize him, because there was something different about him, but when he lifted his shirt he showed her this huge scar on his side right where she saw the solider pierce him with the spear, and she knew it was jesus come back to life.
and he talked to her and told her about the prophecy he fulfilled , that god sent him to teach the world about love, and how we have eternal life if we are wholesome and honest.

before jesus, when people died they didn't know what happened to them, and in death they would get confused and lost sometimes, so jesus said he would go to the place of death and work a magic spell so that from now on whenever someone dies they see his sign that he left there in death, to point the way to God and heaven so people wouldn't get lost anymore. and so now when we die, he is there to remind us that God who created us loves us so much, he gave his only son to die like one of us, and serve as proof so that nobody ever forgets again.

but over 2000 years, alot of people don't believe, they've forgotten what happened. and because it was magical, they can't believe in it.
but we have to have faith that people wouldn't make up a story like that, and change the beginning of time on the calendar, and have holidays like christmas and easter to always remind us about what happened.

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