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There's been a smidgen of criticism

Posted by Eldad on 2018-03-13 05:26:30, Tuesday
In reply to Call Me By Your Name posted by Justchecking24 on 2018-03-11 19:43:01, Sunday

It's important to remember that Oscar Wilde - the poster boy for the wider gay community - had his fling with a teenager who certainly was under 18 when the relationship started. Similarly in 'Queer as Folk', the boy whose journey into the gay community is a major plot of the series, is under the of consent at the start of the series - 15 in the UK version, 17 in the American. So there's nothing NEW in the reemergence of this issue, though, as you say, this film does bring it more into focus.

In general the outlines of the campaign to legitimate man boy relationships can be seen; an emphasis on the right of the teenager not to be deprived of his choice to have sex with an adult rather than a girl or boy of the same age. I keep on expecting it to be the next big thing from the LGBTI+ community; when they'd got their equal marriage, it could have been next. Instead transgenderism got the nod. Will we be next?

"I truly think this may demonstrate that BLs aren't evil"

Hmmm; let's start from the recognition that we are ALL evil, in the sense of having sinned and having a definitely tendency to sin in the future. The reality is that society likes to have a scapegoat, someone whom it can look down on and say: 'At least I'm not as bad as them'. This is most clearly seen in the prison environment, where sex offenders have to be segregated from the main population for their safety. Jesus' parable of the Pharisee and tax collector going to the temple to pray (Luke 18) makes this point, of course. The starting point of the gospel is: 'We've all sinned and need a saviour'. The fact that this can get lost in churches who end up excoriating certain sins and failing to challenge others is a deep flaw of too many churches. One of the great features of the Church of England's Book of Common Prayer is that it has a general confession at the start of the main services; that the modern equivalent doesn't is a pointed indicator of decay at the heart of that institution.

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