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little known facts about Jesus

Posted by GirlWhisperer on 2018-03-03 10:36:46, Saturday

In the gospel you'll hear about how Jesus mingled with the harlots and thieves and liars typical to 20 a.d.

He did this by building shelters for wanderers, he charged them very little because he could build a house in one day for anyone.

In today's money it would be twenty bucks, for a house.

Jesus never had a drivers license or a cell phone or an ID card or credit card or bank account.

Virgin girls loved him.
Prostitutes loved him too.
Because he didn't want to fuck them.
Or maybe he wanted to, but he didn't try to, never did.

Jesus is a name that basically just means "man", it is Christ that made Jesus special and different, and it is the Christ that every man can touch with that is called Lord in the mind of the godhead. Christ is the Lord of Love & Beauty. Beauty that is synonymous with goodness, righteousness, honesty and wholesomeness. Innocent thru forgiveness, gracious.

Love is the only thing that is real, it is all that matters, all else is a lie and curse. Love under Will over Time. God be with you, child.
At one with the one-verse, let there be light. Eternal living glow. Diaphane of sublime profundity transcending all miracles.

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