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or maybe we should give old girlwhisperer a job

Posted by girlwhisperer on 2018-02-21 22:20:20, Wednesday
In reply to Time to close the doors? posted by Wondering on 2018-02-21 00:27:02, Wednesday

i could turn this place around
by the end of the year i'd have at least a dozen regular loyally devoted christian child lovers coming here daily to learn about jesus.

i've got the credentials, i worked alongside Cx and cjat for two years, i'm founder of Tabitha Church. Christian church services for girllovers.

free spirits committee could stand to learn alot from ol' GW.

i say we make me a mod, and open the doors up to girllovers, give me free reign of the place, carte blanche.

i'll change the world.
breathe life back into christianity as a whole.

Christ was a radical feminist and much of his teachings revolved around honoring girlhood, virginity and marriage. when jesus walked the earth a 30 year old man marrying a 13 year old girl was commonplace and considered holy matrimony.

jesus and girllove make a better team together than jesus and boylove.

i am ordained. i know my scripture.
i've got a bible in my home. try and raise my soul to light, it's nobody's fault but mine.

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