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To 'NormalIndividual'

Posted by Webmaster on 2017-08-23 04:37:35, Wednesday

Your posts have been removed as they show no sign of engaging with the nature of this board. If you had read the introduction, you would have seen that we are sinners who are seeking God's mercy as all must. We happen to be tempted in a way that is deeply unfashionable, but ultimately all are called to live holy lives by God's grace, resisting whatever temptations we are subject to, in order to show God's glory to the world.

To make yourself feel better by looking down on sinners who you regard as worse than yourself is a fundamental error, suggesting you have never realised the depth of your own sinfulness and need for God's mercy in your life. ALL have sinned, all need the grace and mercy of God. I hope and pray that you will do so before it is too late.


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