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I can relate

Posted by Cat on 2017-05-10 19:34:46, Wednesday
In reply to On a lighter note posted by Anon on 2016-12-25 11:19:52, Sunday

I have had this experience on many occasions in church with various songs that offer worship and adoration to God and I could equally be singing them to the boy I love.

I see this as a positive to be honest.

God is showing me through my love of the boy... a tiny glimpse into his love for us. If I can love and adore someone so intently and so deeply, how much more does God love us!! And then I find my heart filled with an appreciation of God's love that then makes me want to adore God more. It's a win win really.

In Eph 5 Paul talks about the love between husbands and wives as a mysterious reflection of Christ's love for the church. I really see no difference here. The love I feel for a boy can capture that same mystery*. So yes... come let us adore him!


*(And just because of all the persecutors I'll clarify that I'm not talking about a sexual man/boy relationship here, I'm only talking about the loving adoration one feels for someone one loves deeply and completely - with zero intent to do them any harm).


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