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Death is defeated - our lives have eternal meaning

Posted by Eldad on 2017-04-16 12:33:42, Sunday

As old age creeps up and the absence of children of my own becomes more painful, it is helpful to remember what our faith tells us:

One day the current stage set will be removed and we will see what it's all about. We will live with God forever in the most perfect place we can imagine. Our tears will be wiped away.

But because of that our lives NOW do have meaning. What we achieve now of eternal value will be part of that new life. What we have become in response to the struggles and issues here will remain a part of us for ever.

That's what Easter promises. For us BLs stuck with the pain of rejection or fear of rejection all the time, with the challenge of resisting the call of the porn site, the siren song of the unhelpful story, it is a call to look up. One day it will all be good. It will all make sense. We will be welcomed into our true home. Our struggles will have been worthwhile.

We need this eternal perspective: what will our actions look like looking back at them in a few thousand years time? That's the true perspective; the lies of the world and the temptation to indulge now 'because it doesn't matter' are deceptions.

Jesus' resurrection means that it will all make sense one day.

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