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A few things

Posted by Mordecai on 2016-10-04 00:08:08, Tuesday
In reply to A weight off your shoulders posted by Confidential on 2016-09-27 09:54:47, Tuesday

I have found the opposite you did from virped. They seem to be a bunch of sad individuals who struggle with mental illness. Hanging out with that crowd does nothing but bring me down. I feel sad for them and the lives they lead and all of the new generation of BL who will be attracted to their self-hating philosophy.

Accepting that some man-boy sexual relationships may be beneficial to both parties doesn't bring me any distress. Accepting anything else would be too difficult for me at this point since I know too much and have met too many people to fall for anything else. I would have to be intellectually dishonest to convince myself that everything I've seen, heard, studied and lived is wrong.

I also wnat to point out that you said "seeing others who struggle". doesn't have to be a struggle. I do face struggles of course, but they have to do with things like money, health, family problems, job related stress, relationships, etc... My sexual orientation is not a struggle any longer. I have made peace with it and so can you.

I don't know of any other BL forums. I think the era of online forums has come to an end. I would imagine there are subreddits out there. Thats what seems to have replaced forums.

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