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after decades, first brush with the police

Posted by 52cents on 2016-08-25 11:06:22, Thursday

Someone I never should have trusted didn't get the whole story from me about an event in my past with my nephew but reported mostly vague details to the local police as a way of getting back at me for something unrelated. Never been accused or even openly questioned by anyone about anything like this. There is no identified victim but I can't see how my family won't find out. I have three nephews (but only one is now a minor) and have no idea what to say to my parents or siblings or the police who have and will have nothing to go on but a hearsay story that they do not know if or if not is recent. I don't think I can "clear things up" with the police without looking pretty guilty or even breaking into tears.

There is absolutely no child at risk or ever was in this situation.

Should I get a lawyer?
What are the most difficult questions I'm likely to be asked?
What should I say?
Can I avoid humiliation and lifelong suspician?
Where are the best places to seek good advice anonymously?

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