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What to do with a beggar boy?

Posted by Confidential on 2016-04-24 16:46:11, Sunday

Hello everyone.

Today I had a seriously unsatisfying experience.

Being late to the church, I noticed somebody sitting next to its door. The closer I came the more sure I was - the person sitting was a 12-14 year old boy.

I gave him some money and said something nice. But a question keeps nagging me:

Could I have done more for him?

Later in the church, I realised I could have. The following options came into my mind:

a) somehow connect my donation of cash with my belief in Christ - so that he knows, that it is faith what brings the best out of me

b) ask him, if he was in church today. If yes, do nothing. If no however, I could propose him more more money if he went in the church with me and ask me anything that comes to his mind meanwhile. I believe that this kind of experience might have had a big impact on his spiritual life.

c) my favourite:
(only for the brave)
sit next to him and start talking. Show him that I personally care for him. Ask him all kinds of questions or, if he so preferred, just talk for ages. I think, that whatever his need for money was, it did imply that he was likely not to get too much warmth in his life; a stranger becoming friendly like that might've changed his outlook on life.

d) invite him to a meeting of a local Catholic community that I participate. Promise him money at the spot. That way, show him experience of how God can be alive, fun and gratifying - not only boring and neccesary.

I walked out of the church after Mass, but unfortunately he was gone.

What would you have done in such a situation?

I'm looking forward to your replies.


PS. Now that I think of it, I have trouble finding topics to talk about with a boy of this age... somehow, I never had the chance to be around kids much. Suggestions maybe?

PS2. It's been quite quiet around here... the last 3-4 posts are mine xD So please be more active. This is be a public forum, everybody can post without registration.
So, if you have an interesting reply in your head right now, don't hestitate and post it as "Anonymus" or whatever.

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