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Abusers and victims

Posted by Confidential on 2016-04-08 22:20:06, Friday

Lately, I've been shocked by another story of RAPE on a 9 year old boy. He was hit on the head, taken into a secluded place and raped,

In our everyday life and struggles we can forget about such terrible things happening around us. I think, that we especially should spend our time praying for the well-being of abused children.
If you can, PLEASE take some time to ask God for special grace for such kids.

However, it is much easier never to think of the abusers. It's been said, that we should love the sinner, and hate the sin.
Out of the three people I mentioned the above event to, 2 instantly started to speak ill of the rapist.
I believe they find it extremely hard to love such a person. We, on the other hand, have SOME insight as to what he might have been thinking, and what was controlling him. The other people might just find him someone bound to offend again, against their children - and therefore a man to hate.
We, however. can choose to see him as a person chosen to be part of God's people; a person loved by God; a person, for whom Jesus has died; a person, who is in terrible and immediate need of God.


So please, the next time you hear a story of such a terrible sin like rape, don't think "What an animal!". Go for "I hope he finds Christ" and "God help the victim" instead.

Hail Jesus, our Lord and Saviour, now and forever.

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