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and a third attempt?

Posted by Anti-Teleiophile Movement on 2015-09-26 00:00:04, Saturday
In reply to Second Attempt posted by Mordecai on 2015-09-23 00:34:40, Wednesday

In fact, as the friend Tabs says, you can program the brain and stop having certain tastes, or at least minimized, for example in my case I already have virtually abandoned the adultophilia and hardly think women sexually, although lately I have many sexual thoughts with them... but would never touch one! and less would have a relationship. Another advance is in the vice of pornography, I have been without consuming almost one month or in a very long intervals (relatively), for example every 15 o 20 days, and in most cases were just images of women dressed and not porn itself. Porn is vile, though the erotic anime is free, but as always, watch out for the perversions (adultophilia, sadism, masochism, etc.).

Now if, to achieve this I had to use the savior pedophilia as a medicine, (pedophilia is a healing medicine, is science, not religion really) if he had temptations of sex with women, immediately I went to see children or teenage girls, all of this legal of course, and it works, I assure you, though I recommend teenagers rather than children because it works faster but is easier to fall into the adultophilia by the proximity of age.

Religion also works great, I recommend becoming religious and start believing in Souls and in Pedophilia like a religion, but beware, you don't believe in psiquiatry or psicology, this destructive cults will not help at all and even promote you to have sex with adults, which is the evil that we seek to avoid.

Remember, in adultophilia you find: child murder, pornography, gender violence, perversion... Why? because the adultophiles not practice love and have no soul, and therefore never obtain salvation.

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