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but is it good?

Posted by Cat on 2015-09-09 19:59:45, Wednesday
In reply to Being alone witha boy posted by pensioner on 2015-08-16 07:01:37, Sunday

Child protection has had a loud voice in the church recently for obvious legal reasons. In the light of the abuse stories and the media scandals, this is to be expected.

So of course, the major denominations have very strong child protection policies in place now. But is this entirely good?
In as much as it protects children from abuse, yes.

However, there are costs:

Children (and parents) are being taught that adults, particularly men, particularly in leadership positions, cannot be trusted.
Children are being denied the close 1 on 1 mentor/nurturing that facilitates them opening up about their very personal issues with someone they trust AND have an opportunity to talk to.
Adults are becoming afraid to be alone with children for fear of being viewed as a preditor. This has lead to children being exposed to danger with no one to help them.

I think child protection is great but have we got the balance rigth yet?



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