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do you like believe in psychology stuff?

Posted by anna on 2015-07-02 20:07:34, Thursday

you know why jesus came to the world, the messiah?
because, of mental illness.

god had to destroy the whole world one time.

then gave his only begotten son to the world to rid it of mental illness.

that is what casting out demons was, and the miracles jesus healed the blind and crazy, and some of them pedophiles even!

that's all jesus message was trying to do, it's all very scientific.
even atheists should be able to understand jesus message.

you have to forgive everything of others, otherwise it makes a person neurotic, this is proven scientific fact. when you forgive yourself thru repentance and prayer and confessing to your fellows, it makes you clean and whole inside. it puts the mind to rest. it is the way of honesty that leads to wholesomeness and truth, through love.
you cannot face the fear and pain of the truth without love.

jesus loved you so much, that his love reaches to you, all the way through time and space to you right now.

see, anna cares. that's why i come here so much.
but jesus loves you the best.

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