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Stop lying

Posted by Jeane on 2015-03-23 15:47:46, Monday
In reply to Unique walk with God posted by Justchecking24 on 2015-02-04 09:42:36, Wednesday

God did not make you a homosexual pedophile. If you want to educate others on your "sexuality" then at least be honest and quit lying about you're born this way. You don't want to admit you become that way so you convince yourself you were born like that.
You might think you won't do anything harmful but IT IS HARMFUL ON THE LIL BOY YOU HARM. I may not be thinking im doing harmful by molesting you or raping but what about the psychological damage and psychical damage?
When the psychical damage is gone the psychological will always be there. You might even turn a heterosexual lil boy into a gay one or pedophile or make him just feel dirty because YOU DON'T THINK YOU'RE CAUSING HARM. Stay in the shadow, the bright light will make you dissappear.

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