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we both know it was a girl

Posted by tabitha church on 2015-03-18 21:19:02, Wednesday
In reply to what was it like before jesus? posted by tabs on 2015-03-18 19:13:51, Wednesday

Jesus loves children, he said they were highest near the Throne of God and greatest in all the Heavens.

Next to loving the children, you know who Jesus loved most of all beside them?


In fact that was the main reason Yahweh sent his only begotten Son to die on the cross for humanity, that they might be forgiven and redeemed, rather than cursed to hell in death. Inadequate sacrifices.
Therefore the Lord had to come save humanity, otherwise our species would degrade into Borg like beings, or reptiles.
Our humanness refreshed by Christ unconditional love, without which we'd lose our humanity totally.

Now what about Muhammad?
Did he love children, and pedophiles too?
He wed Aisha but she was only little girl?

Now we know Jesus was wed to Mary of Magdalene, how old was she?
She was young girl, older than Aisha.

You'll notice, most of the ravenous hardcore anti-pedophiles are always atheists. It is because, they don't know how to think. Spiritually bankrupt.

But Christ didn't love pedophiles because they rape children, he loved them because he knew the way of healing the most wicked corrupt people.
The drug addicted, porn addicted, rapist thieves, the mentally ill, demon possessed.
See, that is why Tabs loves all you boychatter freaks, because he's got Jesus in his heart. Let me know when you love me too, it means Christ dwells within you too.

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