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Posted by tabs on 2015-02-12 09:35:37, Thursday
In reply to Or... posted by Justchecking24 on 2015-02-04 14:49:59, Wednesday

What Eldad said is totally absurd.
Rejecting the validity of merit of the lost gospels epitomizes anti-christ.

That is exactly why GOD had them hidden and lost for 2000 years, so in the future to expose liars separated from the faithful.

People used to put women beneath men.
Jews and Muslims still desperately try to.

Jesus was the only one in history who shone the truth about gender.
Still to this day people try to edit out his message.
Not Tabs though. Tabs knows Jesus, even better than Eldad.

Eldad reminds me of some guy who is a wealthy educator working at some highly esteemed college. A chemist perhaps who has studied and researched LSD his whole life without ever actually taking a drop of it.

You can read about it all you want, and fondle it over in your imagination forever. You will never understand it without actually ingesting some.

Jesus is like that too.
You can study the text all year long, and believe the church is embodiment of God. You can keep faith, and pray constantly. Imagining the lives and minds of dudes like Solomon, Moses, Jesus. But that is nothing but idolatrous fantasy compared to living real true religion.
God does walk and talk with some people, and they're never people like Eldad, they're always people like Tabs.

that's always bugged me most about cblf, and FSC as a whole, none of the staffers qualify capable of recognizing my brilliance & goodness.
unable to help nurture my genius, til it nearly corrupt & implode.

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