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God told me how to build a spaceship

Posted by tabitha church on 2015-02-09 23:17:09, Monday
In reply to Idolatrous fantasies posted by Eldad on 2015-02-04 08:41:21, Wednesday

The purpose of life is the building of this magic spaceship.

Imagine being a 5 year old, with a tiny enchanted tree house to play in.
Adults don't even fit inside, the roof is like 4 foot high on the first floor.

Might fit 3 five year olds. The occupants of the Crystal Ship.

See, adults can't do the sacred holy magic in order to operate the spaceship.
The human body is the spaceship, time machine, but adult human beings are too unwholesome and dishonest to operate the method of control.

Like a miniature Temple of Solomon for toddlers.
We'll make it so when you face North you can see thru the east and west window, a spiral stairwell rising to a room where facing East you can see North & South windows.

And it's filled with tiny, neat, weird, magical stuff to play with, which I will describe in my new book!

Does God ever tell you do build stuff for kids?
Besides websites and junk.

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