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atl-atl needs guidance

Posted by tabs on 2015-02-03 18:19:29, Tuesday
In reply to Please elaborate posted by Dogg on 2015-01-30 21:55:10, Friday

i broke free, first by being banned from every known site

then being blocked email wise

then the cops took me and did all sorts of tests only to find i'm not even a pedophile

then i finally just got sick of nobody liking me after about two more years

now i just do videogames and watercolors and smoke hella ganj cause they legalized it

i kinda miss being annoying but...
tired of the negativity associated
i just wanna think of good things but all you do is bring me down

there's never been any love for me here
and nobody wants my love, even after i pound it down their throats for 10 years
people are glad i am gone, a sigh of relief, my gift to you

i think i might still pop my head in lifeline once in awhile if i am drunk.
atl-atl needs guidance.

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