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the HOLY bible

Posted by tabs on 2014-12-28 10:41:32, Sunday
In reply to What bible are you reading? posted by CruelJustice on 2014-12-15 18:09:31, Monday

If you're not communicating directly with the Holy Spirit it means you are separated from God.

My bible tells me you are a hater of pedophiles, you only come here to read on your mission trying to rid the internet of potentially dangerous perverts.

You don't know shit about the bible because you cling to the ink and parchment rather than discoursing with the Lord.

You act like your religion is a logical method of scientific formula.
You listen to one preacher or his book, and whatever sounds good to you you regurgitate it like it's your living wisdom. Most people do that is very common but too bad religion doesn't work that way.
Religion comes from God speaking to you and through you to the world, and anyone who actually does that can see when another does it too.
It's what I do.

You're full of shit Cruel Justice, I don't like your nickname, I'd rather you go away if you can't be insightful or loving, mmmkay pal? thanks bud.

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