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Temptation v sinning

Posted by Eldad on 2014-12-19 18:42:24, Friday
In reply to Hello posted by TurnToGod on 2014-12-19 17:22:03, Friday

Welcome to the board - but you appear to be storming in without engaging with what we actually believe.

The article I've linked to is an excellent exposition of the difference; it's crucial for our spiritual health that we recognise what we can expect from God and what we can't. We should be resisting temptation, but we can't expect to be immune from temptation BECAUSE JESUS WASN'T.

The big debate is whether we can expect to stop being tempted sexually towards boys. You claim: 'I know Jesus can free me from homosexuality and pedophilia.' Fair enough. He can also make the blind see and the lame walk. Yet our churches have blind and lame people in them. Does that imply they don't have faith? They haven't prayed hard enough? The question is whether it's God's will for us to stop being boylovers, or whether there are other areas in our life that He wants to work on. Indeed I strongly suspect that being 'A boylover [who] surrounds him/herself around children that they're are attracted to' isn't inherently wrong; the problem comes, as you say, if they see that as a 'date'. But if that merely means that we enjoy the kids company and get energised by it, I see no reason to see that negatively; there's more than a slight suggestion that some excellent youth workers have such attractions, but never cross the line to inappropriate behaviour.

The bible takes a negative view of 'sexual immorality' - but defining all interaction with people towards whom we are sexually attracted as being 'sexually immoral' is over the top. This article discusses the matter at much greater length: I hope you find it helpful, and I'll be interested to hear your response.

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• ( link ) Boundaries and intent

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