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Posted by Kent on 2014-12-18 16:25:09, Thursday
In reply to Magdalene posted by Tabitha Church on 2014-12-17 23:41:26, Wednesday

I'm sorry but I just had to laugh. Jesus was not a radical feminist. Mother Mary is not God. She gave birth TO Jesus. You can not bow down to Jesus and then bow down to Mary. You either exalt him or Mary. Mary is a creation of God and helped bring him in the world but who do you think created Jesus? I'm not sure if you want to project your desires on to Jesus but throughout the entire bible, tell me where did it show expressed equality for both genders? Their is no masculine role. Society decides what it is masculine not Jesus. Masculinity is a man made trait not christian trait.

Islam is not Christianity. They're are two different beliefs. Really? You think Jesus died on the cross to preach "Stop treating women like crap!"? I'm not anti-women cause my wife is a woman and a woman gave birth to me but you sound like what of those extreme feminists projecting their wants on Jesus instead of seeing him for who he really is. Please don't tell you're a pastor or preacher. You should crack open that book.

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