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I guess everyones mind is wired differently.

Posted by Freddie on 2014-11-26 00:09:39, Wednesday
In reply to girls vs boys posted by tabs on 2014-11-25 20:14:50, Tuesday

With me it's always been boys, I haven't lost my attraction for them. God has...
enlightened or maybe a better word might be...broadened my appreciation for them.
It's love, but of a different type. The scales have been tipped and now as I get older I see a boys natural beauty in a very different light. I see them as a whole person, instead of just certain parts...Guess I don't need to explain that last statement.

It's hard for me to explain what has taken place inside my mind, but when I move away Gods will, my carnal mind gets flooded with other thoughts that I know are not pleasing to Him. Am I completely healed in mind and spirit? Did a miracle take place within me? No I do not believe that is the case.

Do I have to work at it to keep things in check? I have to work on it each and every day so I don't become separated from my Saviour and Lord Jesus Christ like I have in the past. It's not hard to do.

Miracle? Yes and no. Just because I do not have "all" the impure thoughts as before. I don't have any more desire for someone of the opposite sex. (Adult)

Men/woman/girls...have no desire for me. Boys are awesome and great companions, I love being around them and since God has shown me not to fear because Satin tried to put it in my mind that I might do something (Molest) them. Screw that filthy liar.

1994 God put a 10yo boy in my path and I didn't fail Him. Now He has given me a Grandson who will soon be 10. There is no more testing me. I already passed that test 20 years ago...

He has also given me 2 grand daughters (No test needed there) and the other test? I graduated. And I plan to spend eternity in Gods arms. But until that day comes. I'm going to enjoy my boys. They are my life, my love and my joy.

God has given me the girls to learn to appreciate and love them, because before He did, girls were very strange creatures. My 8yo granddaughter loves Jesus so we have something in common. She wants me to come to see her get baptised.

Amen Thank You Lord...Jesus...

Freddie (SAVED 8-31-91)

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