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Aye, it's guts.

Posted by Tabitha Church on 2014-11-14 03:21:42, Friday
In reply to Jesus is Coming posted by Tabitha Church on 2014-11-13 13:30:47, Thursday

Eye, it is guts. lol

I have a habit of saying things to get people riled up, when I don't really mean them what I say.
I have heard people say this before though... Christians who should be practicing non-violence, feel that non-christians represent the anti-christ.

But the truth is, pretty much everyone is anti-christ, unless you can walk with God at will, you're not Christ.

Still, we are in the world and not in heaven, if there is eternal life, then the idea of New Crusaders or Knights Templars or some other Christ Force is in charge of making trouble for the radical terrorists.

Caveman dude started it!!!

Tabernacle hath spoken.

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