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Very true

Posted by Eldad on 2014-05-17 09:41:28, Saturday
In reply to Why is this place a ghost town? Weird. posted by Scottyboy on 2014-05-16 22:14:59, Friday

Welcome aboard. Yeah - the site is pretty quiet, though I've seen quieter. It needs people to post - and at the moment the Christian conversation is going on over at Which can be argued to be a good thing - we should be engaging with non-Christians as well as talking among ourselves.

A lot of people come here for a time when they first are trying to put being a BL and a Christian together. Having realised that there are others who've made a reasonable job of it, they feel encouraged and disappear again.

And we can only thrive if people feel able to post their REAL questions. And that requires a willingness to be open about what's happening in your own life that's not easy; most of us go to churches where the only acceptable response to 'How are you?' is 'Fine thanks'. As someone who's going through some non-BL related crises at the moment, it's been interesting to see how people react when I break from that liturgy; the look of panic as they realise that they weren't really interested but may now have to listen to a personal story is funny. As a recommendation: 'Much the same' has the advantage of not forcing further questions but allowing the possibility!

So - how are you doing? How are you and God getting on at the moment? Do you need to ask anything vaguely BL - or indeed Christian - related that you can't find an answer to elsewhere?

It would be a shame if we died off - for some this board has been a lifeline. On the other hand many ministries have come to the end of their natural life, and it's a BIG mistake to carry on once God's glory has left the building!

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