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is there any problem at posting here?

Posted by rafaelstrauss1 on 2014-05-03 00:48:07, Saturday

I feel so empty.
Like I said on the other post, I'm 14 and my native language is not english.
I feel that my world is being destroyed. Three years ago I thought I was sad, but now I realize that I was the most happy boy in the world! Then everything went bad, my family don't trust me anymore, lost my friends, I'm anxious all the time, my grades are getting bad, can't concentrate to study my cello, things that made me happy like swimming, playing cello and piano don't make me happy anymore, I lost contact with the guy I liked.... I'm not ugly at all, but I feel insecure to what people think about me... I'm sick with what I think it's otitis and dizziness and malaise but noone have time to take me to the doctor... I think I'm going to let the disease progress to a meningitis, so they will care about me... I know that noone wants to know about my problems, but this is the only place I can 'distress'... This site makes me remember the guy I was talking to in the phone, he's BL and he even participated in a local board for BLs... I'm sorry for taking your time... I think i'm going to sleep now... Bye.

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