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Posted by tabs on 2014-05-02 18:04:43, Friday
In reply to old things, and new things posted by gaakz on 2014-04-30 05:22:12, Wednesday

lemme tell ya somethin' people

lotta people live their whole lives thinking they are following some kind of "faith" and this vast majority of the populous, even devout churchgoers, can go for decades never even knowing a true definition for the word "faith", and they simple have no idea what faith even is.

they often tend to describe it as "belief" way of life or philosophy, prescribed by God for them, but explained to them by some preacher who is equally clueless.

gaakz says, "but the most important aspect of the changing landscape is i no longer believe in god. "

lemme tell ya somethin' gaaks, you are perfect example of this very common non-christian demographic. Whenever you hear a person say, "i've come to the conclusion i no longer believe in god" this means that you never did believe in God. and it's because you never truly comprehended the words "God" or "belief" or "faith". if you ever actually had faith, or if you ever actually believed in God, you'd KNOW.
When a person has a relationship with God, it's not an imaginary pretend make-believe game. It's something profoundly meaningful.
I find it disturbing that any person could use the word "God" in their lives within their minds internal dialogue, and think that term is representative of a subtlety so invisible and imperceptible as to not even register in reality at all, as if they it normal or acceptable action for a being called GOD. The idea that you believed in God, yet never really noticed anything supernatural or mysterious or miraculous, as if that's just the way it is for people.

GOD will register in your reality as something very real, almost scientific, provable, tangible, noticeable and profoundly meaningful.
And if you are not experiencing this magic in your life, then believe me when i tell you, you are completely disconnected from God because you're a bad person basically. Satan has complete control over your mind, so you are so blinded you cannot even see the beautiful magic of Gods presence among us.

That is exactly what Satan does, he beguiles to cover over man's sense or covenant with God, thru the Lord and Angel of the Lord, and holy spirit.
Tricking preachers and church leaders to dispense this ridiculous idea that faith is like believing in santa claus, pretending imagination.
Faith is nothing like belief.
Faith is something that once you have felt it, and you know what it is, you can never not-know it again, or forget it, or "not believe" as gaakz reports.

of course, you can try to deny your faith, you can try to throw it away and drive it from your mind. but if you ever actually had experienced it for 5 seconds, it's a permanent part of your being at that point.

anyone who actually has faith, knows it'd be impossible to denounce.
i know because i've tried, many times, and i can tell you, faith doesn't work like that.

see, satan cannot rob away anyones faith from them, all he can do is try to ensure people fail to experience it within them, so they never know what they're missing. if they think they aren't missing anything because it's imperceptable, he's won them souls from Gods Truth.

and that is what has happened here in gaakz case.

ironic too
everybody here thinks i am satan because i'm a jerk sometimes
but the truth is, everyone here is total satanists but me.
i know none of these others perceive the sensation of faith either, i can see them pretending imagining believing upon fake dreamland. the whole time refusing to embrace God and to know faith. like i do.
Tabs totally walks with God like Moses did.
meanwhile you all treat me like shit, ha!

if any of you actually had god in your life, all you would do all day is talk about how great i am. but instead that is something you could never do.

i have another term i will often substitute for the word faith.


God is real and he proves his reality to those who love him.
maybe you need ol' tabs to explain to you what love is, so you can make a proper attempt at that for once in your life? lemme know if i can help.

love and service,

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