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I just want to breathe

Posted by rs1 on 2014-04-17 14:51:25, Thursday

Hello everyone!

My native language is not english.... So there will be some errors on this text.....

Well, i'm 14 and recently i've been so sad.... I like older mans (20+) and I met a man (he's 35) through the internet. We used to talk a lot through the day... We had a relationship, I know we couldn't be physically together, but we had plans to meet eachother on his state (i have a sister that lives there), but my parents found out that we were conversating throgh the whatsap.... They think that I am bissexual and this is going to pass... I feel so shamed and I can't use my computer and cellphone (i'm writing this at a friends house). I miss so much that guy! Everyday I cry before sleeping and I keep remembering of him... I know that this is wrong.... Am I going to hell??? I'm christian but I can't stop thinking about that guy... I'm thinking in suicide, I even bought poison... I just want to breathe and let it out.... Someone answer me please!

[This is an unchanged post except for the name of the poster, which seemed a little too explicit]

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