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Some more thoughts

Posted by Mordecai on 2014-03-16 00:12:45, Sunday
In reply to Good comments posted by Eldad on 2014-03-13 06:42:04, Thursday

N.T. Wright's view is not much different from C.S. Lewis', the main difference being the interesting wrinkle he brings up in arguing that those who choose such a path have ultimately forfeited their humanity. But Wright seems to reserve such judgment for a special subset of human beings who have given up on the concept of doing what is right; people like Hitler and Dahmer. In that sense, he is much more universalist than Lewis was.

More interesting to me than the fact John Stott (ultimately just another reformed, fundamentalist evangelical) chose annihilationism is the fact that Karl Barth chose universalism.

I appreciate that the culture in which you are entrenched has some serious emotion-driven issues with serious reflection on all aspects of God's personality (both the judging, and forgiving). But it seems to me that this often leads you to over-emphasize the one (judging) at the expense of the other.

Ultimately, I don't have all the answers. Neither do you. But I don't pretend that I do. I don't commandeer other people's forums to promote my point of view, nor do I pretend that my point of view is the only possible "biblical" point of view.

I don't pretend to have all the answers and be right all the time while those who disagree with me are wrong.

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