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RE:Eldad and Justchecking24

Posted by Anon0510 on 2014-01-21 12:59:24, Tuesday
In reply to Help posted by Anon0510 on 2014-01-19 08:06:15, Sunday

First of all Thank you, it was really nice of you to follow me up in BC and even here. I probably cant thank you enough enough. The support that I received from both here and in BC and very consoling.

Just to be able to share your thoughts and somebody listening and giving you good suggestions is such a necessity for me right now, i cant even explain, coz fighting all this emotional turmoil all alone can get very depressing. After having listened to everyone here i feel maybe i don't have to go through this alone.

Since we belong to very different geographic areas you may interpret my situation a bit differently but nevertheless I will clarify it whenever the need arises.
Thanks a lot once again.

You will be able to find more information in one of replies to Shrink Wrap in BC. Your suggestions and advice will be very commendable.
Thank you for valuable comments.

I have friends who are christians as well as non-christians. If i imply too much how important he was to me this is what will happen.

Those who do not know about boylove will first brand me Gay and then they will put me up on a cross and crucify me((grin)-just kidding)). But nevertheless I will be branded Gay and thrown out of the society. I will be an outcast and people will literally throw anything they can find at me no matter where i am or what i am doing. This I am not kidding. Those who know about boylove will simply brand me as a Pedophile and throw me into jail without a second glance. As simple as that. And when i say as simple as that do not ask about attorney or legalities. Those things are a myth here. Plus I wouldn't wanna be a media scapegoat if things ever get outta hand.

They will judge me like God himself on a the last judgement day and will condemn me to hell. Then they will make go to various rehabilitation programs until I will have no option but to castrate myself. That's what they will do to me if anyone ever finds out. Trying to give a Biblical example will only make the torturing process tougher.

I haven't yet decided on my mother what to do because she and i have really lot of issues to settle other than this one. Of course i don't live with her anymore. But will see what the future holds.

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